Michael is a Canadian artist living and working on unceded W̱SÁNEĆ Territory.

10 video shorts

Video shorts that blend audio from the pulpit with images from advertising.

Following 3 generations of men before me, I was in line to become a priest. From birth, I was restricted to: regimented morning prayers, choir practices, service attendance, religious instruction, confirmation classes, talk of damnation, youth fellowships and the importance of monetary offerings.

In CHURCH, unedited sound bytes of God fearing events are comically paired with visuals from commercials. Sharing this work allows me to further explore the language and ritualistic behavior I was forced to make sense of until the age of 17, the year I left the church.

184 pages

A self published, limited edition book showcasing artwork by a prolific Canadian artist.

Caleb and I collaborated for one year on a big book that could bring his art making experiences to a larger audience. Here, chapters were introduced by fellow artists, educators, and curators. This book includes dozens of fine reproductions, an interview with the artist, and a few short essays - 184 pages of color with a generous helping of imagery from all of his many current projects.

81 pages

A self published, limited edition book by Canadian writer, educator, curator and visual artist John Luna.

From the author:

Listing is a book of poetry comprised of five long poems. The raw materials that supply the imagery for Listing are bound closely to place, circumscribing the renewal of a decaying homestead while also acknowledging the reconstructed experience of place-memory that contemporary language invokes. This point is underscored by the sentence structure used in the poems; in the beginning, the poems were composed out of materials generated originally as social media posts - updates, appeals, declarations, imagistic sketches, questions or invitations.

As the project developed, I began writing new posts that I had no intention of publishing, in counter-dialogue with the culture of online self-promotion. These posts were developed in response to an older poetry cycle I had written years before, whose questions and images provided the prompts that would normally have emerged from the impulsive back-and-forth of online interaction. As the project evolved, the post-poems were organized into informal stanza structures, whose vertical orientation seemed suitable to the earlier writing that had served as touchstones for the posts: elegies.

6 Brushed ink on paper

Black ink brushed onto prints of men who hold positions of power.

I am creating a three way power struggle between the photographer, the photographed and myself. Here, new playful but questionable gestures become the focus.